25 and ready for the long haul.  I’m ready for the fight. I’m ready and willing to speak up and out against Bull shit that run our world.  I took the pill, I woke up, Now its your turn.

My life has been hell, i lost my mom when i was young and I’m trying to gain her back.  I had a Crazy step mom and a messed up DAD, sorry dad.  I have Twin who is married with two kids and a wife that has cheated on him.  I guess a family curse.  My Older Brother lives in Michigan along with my two half sisters and me and my boyfriend.

I should have died along time ago.  I should not be here. i don’t want to live in this world anymore.
i believe that I’m here for a reason.  Peace and Justice threw art and words. Bring back the wisdom before we release our own judgment on man kind.  (not done yet this is my first time on weblog)

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