7-7-08 will be The 9-11-01

Do the math people!  do the fucking math  ” lucifer project” read about it.  The 2nd coming of the SUN not the SON but the innalitation of the planet Saturn to send the moon Titan out of orbit and melt the ice sheets to recreate a fear driven plantet called earth and terrorize the people of the world threw an accident perpetrated bt the powers that be.  Total control threw stupiedy, you beieve the bull shit cause you worry about my spelling and not the bigger picture.  you life sucks and will suck until you get out of this AMERICAN DREAM.

WAKE up people. the AMERICAN DREAM is dead you are dead, wake UP. 

WHY IS there 72 lbs of 238 plutonium on the cassini PRobe that will be decommissoined on Saturn on 7-7-08 just like Jupiter and gaileo a month later a big earth sized black dot appered on the planet.  EXPLOSION, NUKE, some might say.

Look at the biblical part.  what happend if i blow up a planet and turned it to a SUN.  OMG I AM GOD now!!!  would you think.  I gained the title of GOD.  Also i created a sittuation which will redirected my flock into believing me more and more and they will all bow down to me. HAHAHAHAHA.

Loook at the fact.  the pres has already signed excutive orderss that state “NOT IF, BUT when an attack or natraul disaster occurs Globally the world will become a police state.  look around you, yur being conditions as we speak.

Dont give me that bull shit of its not going to happend.  IT could and it will becasue it will be you that causes it. 

Remenber you voted in the people to run and control your life.  so it is you that will have the world run you over.  its you that has the vocie you give up when you vote for some jack ass to comply to your feelingss.  it is you that has faith in a system that lies and treat others like shit,  it is you who shuts his mouth and bitches and complains.  it is you that had that vocie that feeling of freedom that you wasted away going to that 9-5 cow farm and eating up your green paper to better your debted reality that was created by people you paid to watch over you and rape and tax………………… sorrry for spellign

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