WORLD WAR III “the truth could set you free”

Truth Revolution UnitedT.R.U!! (911realityclubcomingsoon)Ever since 911 our world has been twist into and turned on its back, some believe we will overcome, some believe there is know end, whatever the case may be, this is a attempt to reach those who care for the future and is tired of the lies being fed in our schools and the silence that keeps US asleep!!“The Greatest Lie ever told to the Global Generation, 9-11by: American X“This is a NEW WORLD ORDER, A new way of Life”,by: Bush SSenior At a presidential address to the peopleonSeptember 11, 19811.       How many of you students struggle with your daily lives ?2.  How many questioned your surroundings, teachers, parents, media, maybe the GOVERNMENT ?3.   How MANY OF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH EVEN WHEN THE TRUTH HURTS  L  ???When will you: “Rise Up” Students and Question the People You Voted In.Stop thinking  and start LOOKING“That Your life has to depend on people that have been known and recorded to have lied to you to further some ultimate gain in control”,google: N.W.O (this information has been recorded since the dawning of time) tell me its a conspiracy again!!!Poppycock, Horse Bull!!   Wake up!,  People always  say I’m a conspiracy Theorists, communist,  Liars,  when youknow, IN YOUr HEARTs AND MINDs. That maybe, that KID is RIGHT!!!!  Come on you bleed the same way, I do!!!  You have the same problems same struggle as I do. Please join us AND REVOLUTIONIZE TRUTH by creating a movement of concerned people for truthThe Truth Revolution UnitedTRU 

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