9-11-start talking “wake”up”

Another day goes by i still feel like the world has not opened its eyes.

9-11-01 still to this day was an inside job perpetrated by our government and many other foreign leader. 

These people you call authority, power, law, are crooks, and are driving are constitution into the ground along with our home, jobs, family, and food, we have none.  we will have to revert back to the rich beating the poor, and the poor will be begging for more.

9-11-01, 200o people died in vain and now over 100,000 innocent people are dying in another country that we invade.

This one little or big lie became our down fall of society.

you let this happened by not believe in truth and not another mans word.

Research, google it, read it, find it, its there

WAKE UP WORLD!!!!  9-11-01 started a world of cries and lies.

look at all the new advantage that government had over you now.

A set up to the lie.  the whole world followed the lie.


WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “9-11-start talking “wake”up””

  1. Sigh. People think you are a nutcase, brainwashed, dumb believer in Conspiracy Theory’s. I saw an article this morning (7 pages at Associated Content is 4 pages too much due to format) that explained about the Euro and the real reason for the war. Two other Content Producers that have called me all of the above and a bit more, do that on any article at AC that is meant to Wake Up People. They already left comments which I did not read on the article.

    How can you wake people up who do not want to see? I do not know for sure that GWB & Cheney were behind 9/11; do know the cover up and lies point to a corrupt government at the highest levels. I was interested in seeing some footage of the New Hampshire debate and happened upon Romney. I could not watch it all, because he led with telling us how GWB was grand and acting in the best interests of the people. I heard enough to pray he does not get a shot as President. He is either one of the sleepers or part of the corruption, no doubt about it in my mind.

  2. kelapatempurung Says:

    yes, i agree with you bud. anyone out there especially americans, read all the stories regarding 9/11 at http://www.911truth.org


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