The Land of the “Wannabe” Free….dumb!

it just my thoughts i needed to get out!!! for give me for i am and artist!!! MAYBE a 9-11 believer of truth!!!!!!!!

Why do we do this to ourselves America?  why do you sit there and consciencely bitch and bitch about the same lame as white girl name jamie, stacy, any, macy, whatever the case may be, why do you fucking constantly think we like to watch this crap.  Why do we care about some broad that got lost, drunk, ran, didnt care for er life.  POOR fucking me, what the fuck people.  Is this what have worked for all our lives, is to see this crap of a news broadcast be broadcast to us and then we in end have to pay for it.  What the hell is that crap.  God damn the government, which we as Americans in the 17 hindered signed this document that basically gave them all rights which was supposed to be about us but not. Any ways gave all our money and support to build this great kingdom(America) that supposed to defend our welfare domestic and abroad, and give us liberty and trail by jury, yadaydaa.  Any ways this system that we adhere to by default of involuntary servitude to the common wealth and prosperity of the greater good of America.  We signed an agreement to give power to the smartest, wittiest,dirtiest, sucker or puppet  to run our country.  You say why dont you run. if you think about this this government has been improving itself from the Dawn of time.  this idea of control is a power unto it self.  Look around cant you see it power at work in your daily lives. 

you life is numbered at birth and your tracked threw a database that could soon hold every thought you said and everything your life could and will and will not have in your life will be tracked and data mined.  Kinda fucked up writing but you get the picture, total control. 

back to the tv, and the news, i watch the news because,… i have gain accustomed to it. i look at it like as if it were a living breathing person.  So in doing that i understand that people lie and have emotion that can or can not be controlled.   So if you look at the tv in that  way or point of veiw you get an understanding of it.  Each person or thought or character or thoughts are like your mind and that you control every aspect and have lived many experience, so you know and can read people and know when someone is lying.  jUST by going on the net your like going into your brain, and going in and decipher information that you want o process and or are stored in you hippocaampus or thalamus .  whatever!  YOUR mind is like the t.v. how they control what you watch by seeing it on the tube you believe what thay say.  So improving the tv is like improving the ability to keep you at the screen at all cost and control your daily lives.

Fight the thoughts with ideas of glory. MIND CONTROL THE ultimate weapon in war. to be able to control someone to do your work.. COuld that be a lie unto itself or truth connected with deceit like a cat and a dog joined at the hipps deciding how your  world will be. slowly burning you out and returning you mindless and without a thought or vain wisiper of joy that humanity had to offer and leave you slave driven and alone.  they WNAT control!!!!! you think your dog is domesticated, someone had to teach you.!

The government wants control of your mind. they want to know what your thinking.  that’s why they want to dumb you down and make you mindless and stupid.  They cart you into little facilities and heard you like cattle branding you with jail time, if you dont carry around and I.D., or ticket you if you go to fast in your pen.  Just like an animal farm.  9 to 5ing your green hay(money) CAN you feel the shit rising around you. can you look round and notice that we live in a sort pseudo communistic unclear symbol of a wanna be Democratic slop hole called the common goal or i.e. dream.  You need to wake out of the delusional, i peed the bed syndrome, mommies not coming home bull shit.  And wake the fuck up please.  Y do you need some one to control your daily life, and dictate what you need to do.  you pay and vote on other people that are well off then you, and have them to tell you what to do.

Look at that involuntary slavery, which means that the people that normally would enslave you to dire hell,, don’t forcefully force it on you this time like it was done in the past.

it almost seem like the world it against its own people on a global governing basis, undercover of course.  Like they blame and kill and then tell us it was the opposite and that on both side the fence we are made to believe that me or you are the racist killers and that we need to fight against it.  So we fight each other, while our government place more restriction on us and treat our federal constituents like royalty or celebratingdom. 

t.v is to highlight greed and power to systematically make you believe that  people in power controo and have moeny and it fun and you should obey them cause htere cool.  Get it

thats why you think the only people that can help us is money and votes not violence and justice.  cause it seems that we are fight a violent and unjustified war for peace and justice in another country……….

………….  Which leads to what we call free and fare election which you go and vote, you know!!  any way, prosperity and survival, i guess relyies on money or wealth. you, an you aint got none,maybe!,  but THEY do.  so what do you do, you tell them to go out and give the people your time,(goverment) while they pay for you to be up, theree,(all gonverment) thinking that they paid for it but did not, we did.(the people).  So YOU tell these people RUNNING to run my life and ill pay the price. GET IT.  you paid some well off person to dictate your survival to the best of ther knowledge cause your to stupid to do so. 

Welcome to the fucking voting machine.  Welcome to the fucking SLAVERY.  you think its just black, Jews, Indians, indents, everyone stupid,  You have been listening to Government all your life and for real for real thats what KING AND QUEENS did and gods and goddess, preachers, Judges, they all owe you . 

so why dont i think i feel like a big dummy.  Well i do!!!!!!!!!! im on the net.  come on there are far more things to do then sit here and type.  I dont know let me stop the RANT!!!

I lost my fucking trying of thought. please excuse the harsh and purposely added choice vernacular and poor use of punctual speech and subservient control.  i use these forms of persuasion and descriptive modal to better form and articulate my next piece-o-crap-de-la-crem.  thanks for reading if you made it this far.  i like to jabber and talk.  sometime they make sense.

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