OMG. 9-11 death, are we next!!! ab-s-track-ed

Our government killed more then 2000 people in the trade towers an your going to sit there and call me a liar and a conspirator. 

 “””””have you been doing your math and research on this? have you been using the Internet to find out truth and history in the making. you should never believe or read anything on the net.  it is all false. and what you learn in school and in your town is truth and you should obey and follow everyone and everything to the t o the police will get you””>>>>>

have you been listening to the FOX news channel to get your information?

do you remember what happened on 9-11 .

Remember it was 7 years ago and STILL no one has found BIN laden.  HES 6ft fucking tall PEOPLE.  WE in Iraq still, and everyone has NUKES.  tic tic tic boom!

the government will not tell the truth because they are the truth.

they created the “truth” think about it the only group that don’t have to answer to no one.  when “we” in the 1st place, created.

why cant you control the government

the government is a system

you are apart of that system, if you go against that system you ll will be x-ied out.

Who controls your free Enterprise economic freedom of the peace on earth!!!!!

You are the key to there safe BOX buddy.  they need you to do all the work.  and to plan your own robbery and murder of you own doing. jerk off.  you basically willingly give your self to the machine man beast god uniform standard conforming adictive drug induced way for peace and welfare of the common fucking good America.

so we are just masturbating on a nude pic of lady in the bathroom confines of a overly securited facilities that over look a Mal nourished, war driven rebellion against good and bad controlled reality.  a jail like city society based on fear and terror, caged up into rules laws and protection from thy self.

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