9-11 #2

on 3-11-03, the Madrid bombings.  It was reported by the survivors that the train blew up from the bottom of the bus and not from the inside. Which lays claim to the idea that there were no known hy-jakers or suicide bombers in the train itself and that it was a plan on the highest level of government to ring in Newer version of Mass security and mass surveillance and to reiterate the idea “WAR on Terrorism”

On 7-7, 7-21,05.  Same situation. the governments were acting in a drill and then a real life situation occurred and people were sacrificed to the Alter of the New World order.  Same explanation that a suicide bomber planned to blow up buses and kill alot of people.  Same thing happened when survivors were ask if they was anyone that looked suspicious enough to blow up the bus. they said no.  also the bus looked as if there were bombs under the bus  and not in the bus.  Ans also the buses that blew up were not schedule to be in route that day but they were which lays claim that there were more to this story them meets the eye.

so why in all three countries on the day of there attacks the government that were sworn to protect it people were doing mock terror drill and then it happens, Bin laden and his gang of men attack and kill innocent people.  It does not monek sense. People fail to realize that this is not just an American thing.  this is not an European or Spanish, Arabic, this is a global effort on all high government levels working together to control and make powerless its people by dumbing you down with entertainment and t.v and lies coming from its leaders.  Wake up people. 

All government from the dawning of time have been trying and trying to form a utpia of slaves,  a world which has slaves being controlled 24-7 voluntarily educated to believe the norm and rule of law. believing that this is the why , just like the book by Ayn Rand, where the people are numbered and and controlled and are not allowed to leave the area they are at and are not allowed to question. 

these are not theories that you can just laugh at and call bull shit, there real life scenarios.  come on The Pentagon get attack and were looking for terrorist on planes and not Bin laden.  We were the most advanced government and we could not stop a plane from hitting our nation defense building.

look at all the fact before yo start believing some Poppy cock idea about some terrorist group Bent on taking all right and our way of life and shoving in our throats by causing terror and murders across the world that are so sophicated and advance that you would think it was a conspiracy theory in it self.  

think about about

19 hy-jackers hiting 80% of there target and the leader is never to be found and after that accomplished  to start war against its ARCh rival Saddam and control over its oil.  ummmmmm!!!!

it all questionable but no one is speaking and no one is answering.

Viva the ??? but no one is listening.  The world is just to scared that there kids wont have a roof over ther head .  in the future you will not have a roof so your just being selfish for your own good and not worrying about the future generations


Gooogle everything i said here and you find out that you need to start prepping yourself an emergency kit for the o coming years. Dig your self a bunker and prepare for our End.

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