9-11 Blinded Faith

on 9-11 2001 our country was attacked.  we were attacked by people in this world that want to see us suffer for different reasons but most of them are for power and control.  On 9-11 we watch the trade towers in New York City fell by two hy-jacked planes by CIA trainned terror groups called Al-Cia-duh (get it). 

Anyways 6 months prior to 9-11  at one of the G-8 summits in Paris or London (look it up-google), Our president bush had his life threated by warnings of terrorist hy-jacking a plane to assinate him during the meetings at the summit.  So now i wonder did the President or the goverment know about this set up on 9-11. 

After 9-11 our govermnent told us that a terrorist group named al-qieda and Bin Laden there leader, were the ones responsible. Also it was said the majority of the hy-jacker were suadi nationals and and on 9-11 the goverment was told to let all saudis go home when the sttacked happended to do not hold them.  Bin laden Family have been know to do business with the bush family in oil and land contracts.  So how can we not know about theses attacks. Make no sense.

On 9-11 the pentagon was hit by an hy-jacked on the south side of the buildind were it was underconstruction and if it were to hit the front there would have been more cassualties.  For  being  the Pentagon and for being Our NATIONAL SECURITY, OUR NATIONAL DEFENSE., How could a plane reach within 20 miles, let alone 10 miles, how could a plane get that close.? 

Another question was the plane that hit the pentagon had to do a 180 degree turn to hit the side of the pentagon that was underconstrution.  and also I lived in VA,  i have been to D.C. millions of time and i know what the pentagon looks like from I-95 at 9:00 in the mourning.  in the mourning theere is so much traffic there that if a 747 plane were to hit the pentagon they would of seen it, the drivers. 

The federal Goverment release a tape of some 5-6 clips of an object hitting the pentagon but would go no further in explainng  what it was and i believed dotored a c.g.i. plane in place to fool us into believeing.  On that day the f.b.i confescated all the recaored footage that were on the hotels and banks in and around the pentagon and in crastal city, that lies on the east side of 95.  Why have we not released any of these footage.  Just like the Oaklahoma City Bombing, lies and decite run in the vein of that investagtion. 

A controlled demotion is when the contractor is contracked to blow up a building with in without taking down other builiding in and around it.  Silverstein was said to say on a PBS special that thee were told to “pull” the  building.  that ment take it down.  6 moth prior to 9-11, Silverstein took a 900 million dollar insurance policy out on the trade towers in case of a natrual disater or a terrorist attack. ?????

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