Opening the 6th seal

 Niburu  (Planet X)    Explained  (last site revision  12-23-2007)  
The November 2007 issue of the Zetatalk newsletter contains some very disturbing information and graphics concerning the earth’s wobble which has been greatly affected by the magnetic attraction of Planet X. Our tilt angle is double what it should be at times and is evidenced by the sun not being where 
it is supposed to be. 
See this video for a quick overview and some recent pics 
and       and

Many videos from different speakers regarding the planet X passage 

Also keep up with things at Latest on how this ties in with Hopi Indian prophecy can be found at  

Next is a very recent NASA shot of the sun, 11-26-2006.  Notice how they used photoshop to do a sloppy job of blotting out Planet X peeking out at about the 10 o clock to 10:30 position. It is getting bigger and brighter. Know that this mess is coming. This photo is also inverted to not show it’s true position which is really about 4 or 5 oclock.

Ocassionally Planet X peeks out from behind the sun long enough for someone to 
catch a glimpse of it.  These pics,  taken October 2006, show one of those times. 
No one is saying when yet; but we DO know it is coming; maybe in as little as 3 to 5 years.  2012????  And in the study of Revelation; many others are now implying also that the passage of X may be the opening of the 6th seal.  


May 1,2006 For those of you thinking Nibiru doesn’t exist then why is the US now installing a huge telescope in Antartica (the only real viewpoint for planet X) . In fact now there are several countries building telescopes down south but no one is putting them up in the artic. Wonder why??
 See story here 

This page takes a while to completely open with the  pics on it  – have patience; it will be worth it. This site provides information on a planet x passage, both pros and cons.  There is  much evidence now suggesting this is going to  happen, we just don’t know when, but it could be as soon as 2005.   There are too many attacks on the messengers and too much disinformation now being put out by the PTB (NSA and NASA)  to develop complacency in the sheople to think this is just fantasy anymore, especially with the large number of comets now coming at us from the south that NASA isn’t telling us about.  See McCanney’s latest discovery and interview below.  It is my conclusion X  IS  inbound and preparing for  such a calamity becomes necessary, but you have to make your own decisions. I am just a collective resource of information giving pros and cons.   
See additional  resource websites at

You may also wish to peruse a vison at  that may be part of the puzzle; and yet again, maybe it’s just the old devil playing games with us.A good summary of current understanding of the Planet X problem can be found   here.  Another good summary starts  here

An explanation by a scientist can be found here

page at 

A message from a retired army/NATO intelligence officer.

A most complete description of what will happen when Niburu passes 
can be found  here   taken from a very complete website at 

triple doctorate full disclosure   prediction that  we have less than 
2.5 – 3 years left to when it will pass at it’s closest.

Captain Niburu’s new site with a couple really good pics of X on the front page

Mark’s newest book can be found at www.planetxinbound.comAlthough this site deals with incoming asteroids and what to do in that event; everything is applicable to the Planet X survival scenario – good information here

Interesting prophecies regarding Niburu can be found  here

There are  references included below  to specific pages on the zetatalk site; please read my section here , first, to put this information into proper perspective as some may be credible and some may not be.  I present ALL information on my Niburu page from many different sources so you can assemble a proper perspective of the issue based upon the amount of research you are willing to put into it.  

– refer to this section often as new letters 
are continually added to  backup the proof section. 

What’s the problem?
A NASA insider speaks out
Do you choose to live?
Cut to the chase!
Radio talk shows on X
Pics of Planet X orbit and distances involved

Overall picture of what’s to come
Synopsis of the current facts 
Additional Website Resourceslots of good links to visit listed here 
Order a video of Planet X  here
Some Facts about our Earth
McCanney information
Mr. X Files
Bible Prophesy
Disaster Preparedness
Discussion Groups
Info from ZetaTalk
Is the timing right?
Coverup and Disinformation
Who will determine your need to know about Planet X?
Navigating after the pole shift
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Asteroid impact in 2019?
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Nibiru is an inhabited  Planet and flagship???
Conspiracy sites
Insight into how government will react
to the devastation of the pole shift 
Planet X found in bible code
Just who are the Annunaki? 
Link to Nancy Leider’s archived radio talk shows
Ber’s Shelter construction  

For those of you demanding pictures of X before you will consider it’s existence and that it’s really coming, there is now an abundance of them posted at   and at  and at  and at 
Now, many of them are questionable and you might say,”How do they get X out of that?” And I agree, I would not say X is coming based upon those either. But many of them clearly show a second object in the picture. And if you explore earlier March-April-May pictures that clearly show a second object with Oct -Nov pictures that clearly show a second object, you can see how this object has grown. Couple that with the fact many high ranking government officials have quit their jobs and are undergoing serious shelter building because they have information regarding this we don’t, it’s probably safe to say this thing is for real – especially when you take a look at the record setting weather that is going on all over the world. The current extreme record setting solar flare activity that the disinfo artists state is normal; is NOT normal and means many planet sized objects are being sucked into the sun. Where are they coming from?? Part of the debris dragged along with X. 

From information I have gleaned, I think it is safe to say this will probably happen before 2015 and some resources even feel strongly about a 2005 to 2009 date.  More on the “when” can be found at:  
A prudent suggestion would be to continue preparations.

Message of 4-19 (to Dr Ricard Boylan) from Command Sergeant-Major Bob Dean, US Army/NATO Intelligence
(ret.) says 10th Planet Incoming
Dear Richard
Delighted to hear from you. … I have mentioned Nibiru many times with many people. I hold, with Zecharia, that the Sumerian writings are much more than legend and I am convinced that the 10th planet is indeed on a return orbit.
Robert Harrington, before he was so rudely eliminated, clearly stated that the naval observatory had confirmed its reality and even stated that they knew of its orbit and partial trajectory. (That it would appear from below the ecliptic and would be visible to telescopes in the southern hemisphere very soon.)

As a student of ancient history I hold that Nibiru’s last pass was in 1600 BC =destroyed the Minoan civilization when Santorini (Theira ) blew its top ( 1600 BC = 2000 AD = 3600.)

Jim McCanney whose opinion I respect, says its right on schedule and we are already beginning to feel the effects of its companions on the sun. Trying to be specific on its schedule is always very iffy, but I feel that we should
prepare for the party ASAP.
Always in friendship,   Bob

More numbers of earthquakes are being recorded at Mt Raineer, St Helens, Mt Hood, Mt Adams, and many more volcanoes. Japan just logged in an 8.0 along with a ton of smaller ones, an 8.0-8.5 just happened in Russia also.  Yellowstone Park is going through unprecedented changes; Norris Geyeser basin was shut down on July 23rd due to 200 degree ground surface temperatures, bulging, and new geysers spewing.  The  Volcano near us, Popocatepetl  blew again July 25th. Massive earth change storms are predicted in the  August 22nd to Aug 29th range.  The east coast is flooding with massive rainstorms, the west coast is frying with record heat waves. In fact a cataclysmic surface event is anticipated sometime within the next 18 to 24 months.   Go to and make sure you are a member of the forum  and read some of the more recent archived messages. There are other forums to join to keep informed further down on this page. Another good summary by Pastor Riley posted 6-11-2003 reads:
Dear Larry & others who will be receiving this email,
   Do I think Planet X is still coming?  That is a definite “Yes!”  Even as I write this email I have laying on my desk two photos of Planet X taken in Austrailia this week.  The only place it can be observed is from the deep south and only with technical equipment.  It is so close to the Sun (perspective wise) that it is almost obscured by the Sun.  The date of May 15-16 is now known to have been “disinformation” put out by NASA and other government agencies in an attempt to make the whole subject appear ridiculous to the public. 
    In spite of their wicked efforts to hide the truth, the effects of Planet X are increasing daily.  For instance, according to the USGS dailing earthquake record, update every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, there was 18 earthquakes around the world in a 24 hour period June 4-5.  The whole Earth is beginning to shake.  Weather?  The furst week in May (the week we arrived in Missouri) there was 80 tornadoes in Missouri alone that week, and including those that occurred in other parts of the country, over 300 total that week.  Unprecedented?  Absolutely!  Never heard of before in recorded history.  Lump in the tornadoes that occurred the next week and there was over 500 tornadoes in a two week period.  Is the weather going crazy?  You bet it is!  Why?  Because of gigantic solar storms that are occurring on the Sun that throw electromagnetic energy into space.  A lot of that electromagnetic energy is striking the Earth and causing all kinds of weird weather.
    While I am writing to you, terrible solar explosions are occurring on the Sun.  Astronomers are actually observing meteors, asteroids, and other space debris striking the Sun at an unprecedented rate.  The only explanation for this unusual debris is Planet X.  Like any giant magnet, Planet X is pushing space debris ahead of it, as well as trailing debris behind it.  Both the debris striking the Sun, and the magnetic field of Planet X, are causing these terrible solar explosions.  The solar explosions then throw off the electro-energy that is warping our weather patterns here on Earth.  What am I talking about?
    How about 15 inches of rain in Colorado in 36 hours?  How about 8 inches of rain in North Carolina in 2 hours?  Etc. 
    But not only is the weather being affected.  The magnetic core of the Earth is moving, literally changing directions inside the Earth.  Supposedly, the scientists don’t know why, but they know it is happening and are quite concerned about it.  According to various news releases on this subject, it could result in a “pole shift” at anytime (which significantly, is exactly what the planetary scientists are predicting will happen when Planet X gets closer to Earth). 
    The reason Planet X has not already arrived is because of it’s own gigantic magnetic core.  According to planetary scientists, it’s magnetic field causes it to slow down when clashing with the magnetic fields of other heavenly bodies, and then when free from their influence it speeds up.  This is similar to the same slingshot effect currently used by NASA scientists when launching space probes deep into space.  They use the magnetic fields of various planets to give a boost to the space probes.  Anyway, planetary scientists are still expecting Planet X to show up this year, and maybe within the next few weeks.
    The reason that it is not being seen anywhere except in the far south is because it’s path is bringing it towards Earth almost directly beneath the South Pole, a “blind spot” for astronomers.  It is now expected that it will just suddenly become visible just a few days before it passes Earth.  Perhaps 10 days?  or 7?  The Word of God does say that “the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night,” 2 Peter 3:10.  This indicates suddenly, unexpectedly, etc. 
    But rest assured that it is coming.  And it’s coming is being announced daily by the effects it is having on the Earth and our solar system. 
    I am right now working on another newsletter.  It will contain more updated info.  I hope to have it ready to mail soon. Pray for us, and keep looking up.  Our Lord is coming very soon.       Pastor F. M. Riley

The Mid May  update from Nancy at ZetaTalk was very adamant that May 27th,2003,  was the date of the pole shift.   Didn’t happen, go to ZetaTalk – May 27th – Day of the Poleshift  further down on this page for the prediction details AND why the Zetas did a “white lie” on these times to test our governments to see what they would do. Establishment of martial law in Indonesia and “red Alert”  by Homeland Security in the US (blockading exit from cities) certainly didn’t disappoint them – expected behavior NOT in the best interest of citizens. 

Most everyone’s writing her off as crazy (I haven’t yet). She predicted a late sunset on May 20th and it didn’t happen. We still haven’t seen a late sunset yet, but the major communications cable snap on the sea floor over a mile deep  between Europe and Africa when 2000+ people died in a major earthquake this past week and  the fact the magnetic Atlantic Rift  tectonic plates were probably involved in major movement is a bit unsettling.  This is because the Atlantic Rift represents a high iron content section of earth that is supposed to “lock on” to planet X when the earth stops rotating.  Zetas are also now claiming “white lie” (the May 20th late sunset was given incorrectly on purpose to see how governments would react.)  Their perceptions of martial law and lock down of major cities to prevent people from escaping posted at  and further down on this page are pretty much on target. I told you we would be on our own for this event. The numbers and magnitude of the huge number of earthquakes around the world, along with areas of record setting high temperatures, and further increasing volcanism that are now happening should be cause for concern, not a feeling that this isn’t going to happen. 

From Ber  – why you shouldn’t become complacent at the no-show.
Keep this concept in mind – Silence is sometimes good. A predicted calamity that doesn’t occur is a good thing. Be thankful; not angry. Be thankful that Yahweh has granted us additional time to prepare and live a normal life.
First of all, with all the many ways we can be wiped out today – nukes, bioterrorism, hurricanes, tornados, flooding, volcanos, asteroids we aren’t being told about until they pass, and now a comet wave coming at us from the south, as well as planet X – I would not consider ANY preparations people have made wasted.  If this weren’t for real why would the US government spend YOUR tax dollars building over a hundred underground cities for the elite and stocking them with 5 years worth of supplies???   Ever think about that.?  Maybe they know something the common person doesn’t?
 Moving to higher ground only makes sense. This is just the lull before the storm folks. I don’t think there is any doubt that planet X, or another planet sized comet of which there is currently one out by  the sun now,  is real and inbound. And I personally don’t care that it hasn’t arrived on schedule.  It allows me to prepare further for all of these things I probably would NOT have prepared for that I SHOULD have prepared for a long time ago.  When the degree of preparations I am willing to do has been completed I simply go on about our daily lives ; living in much less fear than before. Preparation is PEACE OF MIND. Whether it will be sufficient or not remains to be seen depending upon the clamity, but psychologically it gives peace of mind knowing that you will be in better shape than your neighbor that didn’t want to go through the effort.
This coming of planet X has physical, mental, and spiritual aspects and preparation needs to happen in all three areas – not just putting in the groceries.

I consider Nancy as having brought us much valuable information and an awareness of a potential calamity many of us had never thought about before; and intentional or not, whether from zetas or NASA, the passage that didn’t occur on time as predicted by her is a blessing.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND! It is a blessing from Yahweh that we have not had to go through this yet.  Nancy  and Mark were the matches that lit the fire under my ass  to do what I should have done a long time ago.  For all of you jumping on Mark out there claiming he was in this for the buck; you obviously don’t know him very well. He has essentially lost several years of his life over this and has gone broke in the process because he also DOES believe this is real and is still going to happen. It WAS and still  IS his mission to make sure we are not “blindsided” by this event; because that is exactly how our governments want this to happen. If not today or this year ; probably soon.
Several things have become blatantly evident through all of this.
1.  An event requiring preparations for an extended period of time off the grid is a reality we will have to face. It is highly likely such an event will occur, and in the near future. We are presently being bombarded with space junk and comets; most small , but some aren’t small – like the one out by the sun presently. 
2. We will receive little or no warning from our governments. Again, if any of you have read the Hurricane Andrew fiasco (go to  here for that disgusting piece of journalism)  , there was plenty of time to warn people and our government didn’t do it until it hit the coast.  Government acted like Gestapo threatening to shoot people who got in the way asking for help instead of helping them.  The statistics of the many  dead  who died because of this lack of warning were covered up and is appalling; but serves as an example of what to expect in the future.   
3. NASA is continually telling us about the asteroids that just passed by, but not about the ones that are coming in, nor about the current high flux of asteroids and comets coming at us.  One large one recently just missed us by only 8 hours.  We are currently in a belt of many such possible hits and it doesn’t take a very big chunk of rock falling on the land or in the ocean to cause big problems for years to come. Government’s position is to keep silent and let us fiend for ourselves.  That is sick, but it also is reality. Government has taken our money and burrowed in for the elite; but us plain folks don’t mean squat ; we are just the slaves that provide the bucks and are in the way. We will not receive any shelter or supplies from government when a big event happens – it is all just part of the population reduction plan – which AIDS and SARS was created for, also by our government.  We are truly on our own when a big event arrives, folks, let that message hammer home. 
4.And before you write off Planet X as a non event to enhance your complacency; instead of looking at all the hoaxed pictures of X in the sky, look at what is going on around you earthchanges wise around you. NASA claims our weather is normal when, if you look at the records being set; it should become quite apparent it is anything BUT normal.  The numbers of tornados (over 500 in May alone in the midwest) , earthquakes of higher magnitude, increasing volcanism, sea water warming, glacial melting, and record solar flare activity tell a story not seen in the sky where people say,”well, I don’t see it so it’s not coming”.  The insiders inside government who DO know and HAVE  come forth all tell us the same thing; X is REAL.  It IS there. It IS inbound. It IS going to happen. We just don’t know “when” for sure.
5.When it happens it is a life threatening event for those who have made no preparations.  It is a life threatening event for those who HAVE made preparations; but which category do you think stands the best chance of survival afterwards?  Mc Canney still has the right idea.  It is better to prepare early and wait until the time, rather than be ill prepared when the event sneaks up on you.  Insurance salesmen sell death insurance to give “peace of mind”.  That is their biggest pitch.  Preparedness for X involves not only the physical preparedness of  stocking in groceries, water and supplies, but mental preparedness of having physically prepared knowing you stand a better chance of survival, as well as spiritual preparedness.  The “peace of mind” aspect of mental preparedness  comes from preparing early physically.   Spiritual preparedness??? Start with the lessons at  The most important document you will find  here.   Learn the truth about Yahweh’s words. Know how you can be on the boat to heaven when the second coming takes place.  It’s all there.   And remember; everything happens in HIS timing; not the zetas, or NASA’s, or big brother’s.

Overwhelming evidence
If you read the collection of evidence on just the sites  and , it becomes not a matter of IF, just when; and if not X, preparing for a different comet/aestroid close encounter/impact makes a lot of sense. Nobody is seeing X in the sky right now; however there is no good observation clarity in the southern hemisphere currently and  “…if planet x is tucked up under the current view of the southern hemisphere then we will never see it coming”     This is another site to visit often to stay on top of the truth. Analyzing the current earthquake, solar flare and volcano information showing increasing levels in all categories, it  appears it IS still coming as these areas of acitivity continue to increase to record levels.  
Personally, even with the May 27th pole shift date come and gone, we are continuing preparations – we have added to our freeze dried food and seed stores and we now have multiple systems to collect water, store water, purify water and heat water and are currently working on the bicycle powered air infiltration system to our shelter as well as have added two 4 x 10 solar panels to the shelter roof to produce water, have purchased two 120 photovotaic panels to make electricity with along with a charge controller and deep cycle RV batteries, and now have a bicycle generator ( a really nice unit found at to produce electricity should there be no sun along with two 12VDC to 120V invertors for running small appliances and even the washing machine.  Updated pics are posted at  We have shortwave radio  and solar powered battery chargers. Our shelter is set up for 12vdc lighting as well as 120v lighting. 
Recent Summary from John DiNardo
I’ve been following Prof. James McCanney. In his April 21st interview on Coast to Coast, formerly hosted by Art Bell, McCanney said that solar hyperactivity indicates that a large celestial body has entered the outer boundary of our solar system. He recently went to Patagonia at the southern tip of South America where other astonomers are trying to sight in on the only section of the celestial sky in which an intruding object has not been ruled out. However, he says that the atmospheric haze is making it impossible to get a clear sighting. He says that the best point on Earth for viewing that southermost sky is, of course, The Antarctic, and only the people in government have the facilities to go there. He says that they are there now, doing sightings without reporting their activities. We have much documentation of the Sun’s hyperactivity over the last couple of years that convinces serious researchers such as Sherwood Ensey,  that there is a large intruder planet coming in. Just back in March a comet NEAT (near earth something or other) just passed closely by the Sun, causing the Sun to emit extraordinarily large flares, which, in turn, cast waves of electrons, solar winds, at the Earth, and this disturbs the Earth’s magnetic field, whipping the ordinarily smooth jet stream like a bullwhip, causing vigorous air fronts to sweep in from the Pacific and from Canada. I have been documenting the persistent weather aberrations by videotaping about five minutes each day from the Weather Channel since mid-April. Soon I’ll be sending Prof. McCanney a copy of this tape which should convince even the layperson that wild weather, with high velocity straight winds, tornadoes, and extreme, rollercoaster temperature excursions over a matter of a day and even over several hours …. such wild weather conditions are becoming the norm, and normal weather is becoming a rarity. For the past two weeks we have had a few hundred tornadoes covering major regions of the country. The Weather Channel alone convinces me that a large planet is entering our Solar System. Moreover, as Prof. McCanney has been expounding, this large planet, because of its tremendous gravitational pull, attracts comets, planetoids, asteroids, rocks and dust, like a vacuum cleaner, as it cruises through space. Imagine throwing a bee hive like a football and watching swarms of bees flying around the hive. That is a close analogy to this phenomenon of the incoming Planet X with its entourage of loosely bound bodies. Comet NEAT, according to McCanney, had a nucleus about the size of Planet Mercury, and when NEAT passed by the Sun recently, NEAT’s nucleus appeared to be split by the electrical arc from the Sun which NEAT induced. Then, we have a great deal of evidence — the most convincing kind, I think — and that is the great diversity of cover-ups and dirty tricks perpetrated by the boys at NASA and the CIA disinfo crew.
Mark Hazlewood and James McCanney can recite a whole litany of these treacherous tricks.  That’s an overview of what I have been learning, and I personally conclude that it is upon us. Though this Weather Channel evidence has gone unnoticed, the Weather Channel announcers are exhibiting growing alarm, and are no longer able to put a smile on their faces after weeks of these unrelenting, fierce tornadoes, severe lightning storms, massive flooding, and baseball-sized hale becoming an everyday occurrence.
John DiNardo

For an interesting treatise with diagrams and pics on where to look go to :   Be sure and click on the links at the left at that site for many more fascinating details. 

More on the “when” can be found at:

A question that often comes up is: “Why is Planet X not yet visible, why no one has ever seen it to this day?” Well, they have now, but here are a few good reasons for that. First, X probably is a very dim object, having a very low `albedo’ – which means it reflects only a very small portion of the light it receives from the Sun. Venus for example has one of the highest albedos, 57% of the Sun’s light is reflected. If Planet X is a protostar or brown dwarf it absorbs almost all the light, hence is very dark. Second, P X most probably comes in from the direction of Earth’s South Pole, which stands vertical to the band of constellations where all of the other planets move in a disk. So in order to see it one has to be in the Southern hemisphere, and quite close to the Pole, either on the Southern Island of New Zealand or in Patagonia. Both regions are sparsely inhabited and there are no major observatories there. Third, if X would be close enough to be seen by an amateur telescope -–this is only possible in the dark months. The last months the South Pole has been bathed by extensive daylight as it was Antarctic summer. Just now fall is approaching, providing the necessary darkness to watch for stars and other celestial objects. That means, if X is coming closer to the inner Solar system, it might be discovered as early as late spring 2003.
What’s the problem?

Niburu, Planet X, or 32 other names, whichever you prefer; is the planet which is supposedly going to pass by earth, 14 million miles away at it’s closest,  in May to June of 2003 on it’s journey around the sun every 3600 years. It is not a planet considered to be IN our solar system but DOES pass THROUGH our solar system in this 3600 year cycle. 

Planet X’s passage next year could be the greatest catastrophic infliction of loss of life upon mankind, since Noah’s Ark.   Supposedly, Planet X  ( a Brown Dwarf – go  here for pic and explanation of what a brown dwarf is)  will enter the Earth’s orbit between May 15 and May 30 of 2003. Volcanoes all over the Earth will erupt along with multiple high magnitude earthquakes, tidal waves, and includes a meteor firestorm; whereby two thirds of the Earth’s population will be annihilated. Another 20% will starve to death during the next six months due to lack of food, water, sunlight and volcanic ash that will cover the Earth. Subsequently, only about 10% of the Earth’s population (600 million) will survive, which fits in nicely with the New World Order scenario for the reduction of Earth’s population. This may well be one reason for all the underground shelters through out the United States and the rest of the world. This will enable only the chosen people of the New World Order to survive.  Go   here   to see the US tunnel map and an eye opening exposee.  By keeping this story out of the major media it will delay the collapse of the world economy, stock markets and real estate prices.

Read below of the devastating effects to expect due to it’s gravitational attraction which creates a stoppage of earth’s rotation, a restart with a quarter turn in one  hour, a pole shift on earth, changing climate for many areas, tidal waves, many earthquakes of great magnitude, and much volcanism. At least 30% and maybe as high as 70-90% of earth’s population will be taken out with this event. Life for the survivors WILL change. AND THE GOVERNMENTS ARE KEEPING ABSOLUTELY SILENT ABOUT ALL THIS AND DENYING IT, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME BUILDING UNDERGROUND CITIES AND SHELTERS FOR THE ELITE.  The fictional story “The Passage” describes perfectly what is going on with this Planet X thing.

For the Dec 30th 1983 NASA announcement regarding Planet X that was retracted a week later, go to   here

For current sky charts and plotted information on X go to 

For a more specific definition of what’s going to happen according to inside NASA information; go to  here

For an analysis on what govt is doing to keep you informed (actually in the the dark) and why – go to  here

You only have two choices, folks – depending upon how much you 
study this issue and the conclusions you arrive at:

a. this will probably happen and I should plan and prepare  and 
if it doesn’t happen I am not out much; or 
b. I’m too busy, can’t be bothered, and if it happens I will resign myself and my family to a  sudden death. 

Survival probably won’t happen without preparation.
For some , at higher altitudes; preparation is simply a matter of storing food and water for a couple years and building a concrete addition capable of withstanding 200 mph winds, high richtor earthquakes, and a meteor firestorm.
For many, living near the water and the coasts, it will entail a complete move to higher ground (above 2000′) first. There is an extensive “disaster preparedness” section further down on this page. 

Do you choose to live or play ostrich? It is my purpose with this Niburu section of my website to bring you ALL news and links about Niburu/planet X, no matter how controversial, off the wall,  and whether it supports it’s existence or tries to imply it doesn’t exist.  YOU get to be the final judge and jury. But you get to hear all sides and points to the issue. I have no one to answer to here except Yahweh; and he would only chastise me for keeping silent and withholding information. Most of you who read these pages will be in denial and disbelief (go to “what will I do with this info“) for a primer on  that issue.  Also keep in mind that most of what you find on this site is a culmination of  many resources; many who want to remain anonymous.  And just as with the financial rules and information at;  this Niburu site will represent a worldwide community effort in rounding up the information we need to get  the  word out regarding both the event itself and survival preparations for the event ; in time to save lives.

Cut to the chase you say

What can we expect out of this and what do we have to do to survive?  Survival largely means surviving the hour of the pole shift when winds may reach 200 mph and great flooding occurs as the earth’s crust breaks up in many places and plates shift.  You best be at an elevation 1000-1500 feet or more as tidal waves and forced tidal bore come inland hundreds of miles from the shorelines depending upon elevation. Then you best have some kind of shelter that will take 200mph tornado/hurricane force winds as well as provide shelter for a meteor firestorm as the debris the planet drags with it will not all be burned up entering the earth’s atmosphere.  Then the  question is; which direction is the groceries? Inland or towards the ocean. That’s going to be the problem as you are cut off from the rest of the world for some time. Stocking in one to two years of food and water is on the list. There will be no electricity, fuel, transportation or probably even passable roads, or any utilities for some time to come. Sunlight will be blocked for 6 months to maybe years to come by volcanoes spewing ash so food will become very short and hard to grow.  All volcanoes may activate, even dormant ones during the pole shift as the north and south poles change locations to Brazil and India; establishing a new equator.  This is evidenced by narrow tree ring patterns of past passages of planet X. That gives us a big hint of what is to come. Read on. 

But this won’t be a surprise.  Seven years ago Planet X was at the midpoint in it’s orbit, between our sun and our sun’s burned out twin.  It is now picking up great speed. After it passes Pluto’s orbit it will will only take another 90 days to reach its closest distance to earth. You will be able to see Planet X in the sky 7 weeks before the pole shift.  One week before the pole shift  the earth will stop rotating. You will either be in the dark, light or a dawn / dusk situation – see the map at .  Red dust in the sky will give you at least a 6 hour warning before the pole shift.

Radio Talk shows you can listen to with presentations by those in the know regarding Planet X

If most of you are like me you may not have time to listen to radio talk shows for an hour or so at a clip to get the few kernals of new info in the show.  James McCanney has solved that by putting up a  summary transcript site at    Summary transcripts will be available here a few hours after each broadcast so you can read what was said much faster than listening to it. To LISTEN  to the radio talk showsYou will need either Windows media player or Real Player software installed on your computer to be able to listen to these shows.  To get these free go to : and download both of them.

I strongly suggest you listen to one or more of Mark Hazelwood’s radio talk shows; live as they happen or especially the archived March 19th,2002, April 17th and 18th (for April 18th show see  and click on archives to find it )  shows. Three of the best free archived radio shows Mark has done are first Feb. 6th, next with Professor physicist Jim McCanny M.S. March 5th, and lastly with fellow author researcher Sherwood Ensey March 19th.These are available to listen to via  your computer. Get the schedule   here.  Another interesting tape segment re area 51 can be found here

Overall Picture of What’s to Come
See   for a good overall vision of what’s to come.
Read an excellent summary of the 3-12-2003 UFO Congressional Convention  here  which covers aliens, UFO’s, Planet X and free energy technology that will be available to us this year. It is stated we can{t see X because it is coming at us in the face of the sun.

Get a report on what to expect for your location/country here:    The whole works in one PDF file can be found at

To see where the new equator line is and where the new north and south poles end up at go to : 

Learn more than you ever wanted to know about the pole shift  here

You can find a great summary of the current state of affairs  here as well as an excellent explanation of how the Annunaki fit into the picture.

See the basic details on planet X info   here  , otherwise work your way down the page to this section. There is both a video available on this as well as several books to educate you between now and the event, which becomes a live or die situation depending upon how you have prepared. Much preparation information is also found on this website in the “disaster preparedness” section.

A  book called “Blindsided”, is  available below  further down on this page. You can order an email version of the book online also at the bottom of this page. 

Additional website Resources: 
This  section has now become so large that I have moved it to it’s own page. 
Go to  here  for other websites containing pertinent info on Planet X.
Also go to  here for lots of other websites regarding top secrecy stuff big brother wants to keep hidden.
Order a video of Planet X  here  

Go to here for top secrecy/conspiracy sites plus a write up on how the United States may be falling into bible prophesy.

Some facts about our earth
The distance between the Earth and the Moon is approximately 240,000
miles — it sounds like a far distance; but in relation to the other planets and the solar system, it is only a stone’s throw away. The earth travels around the sun at 66,000 miles per hour. The earth’s radius is only about 4000 miles or about 8000 miles in diameter. At 60 mph you could drive from one pole to the other (about 25,000 miles) in less than 450 hours (about 19 days)  if there was a straight line freeway between the two. Our planet is NOT as big as we oftentimes imagine.  Earth’s crust varies between 3 miles thick to as much as 53 miles thick with 30 miles thick as an average. That means there’s still a 7,900 mile diameter molten , mostly iron mass, as our core.   There isn’t much for crust compared to the molten mass within; although the “hollow earth theory” proposes the earth is hollow inside and has an 800 mile crust and an inner sun and civilizations inside and 1200 mile entrances at the north and south poles. Before you discount this, look at NASA photos showing these entrances may in fact exist. 

The distance between the sun and earth is 93,000,000 miles.  At closest passing this time next May, 2003, Niburu is still 14,000,000 miles away; about one seventh the distance from earth to the sun.  This seems also like a long ways away to be causing this kind of damage; but considering Niburu is 5 times the size of earth, has 25 times the mass, and is 100 times more dense than earth; in fact it is one of the most devastating distances Niburu could be and here’s why, according to Mark Hazelwood.  It’s one giant magnet passing by. Niburu’s passing only causes a pole shift occasionally; but it’s passage ALWAYS is severe enough to leave a devastating mark on earth.  During the last passage, tree rings world-wide narrowed for several years afterwards and the sea levels dropped 15 – 20 feet; but there was no pole shift. The last passage may have been closer, harder, quicker, and more jerking. The core did not slip from the crust causing the mega-devastation  that a pole shift brings.  The crust is NOT as magnetic as the core and during a closer passage of say 7 million miles, earth’s crust and core align to Niburu simultaneously.  It’s when the core and crust DON’T act in unison that you get a pole shift and very severe changes.  This only happens when Niburu passes within a certain range of miles from earth  and this coming passage is within that band.  It comes close enough so the core aligns but the crust does not. This passage brings with it the worst case scenario of tidal waves, flooding, richtor 9 – 15 earthquakes, virtually all volcanoes active and dormant coming to life, and 200mph winds during the poleshift, along with  severe meteor firestorms from debris in the planet’s tail falling to earth that our atmosphere does not burn up.  Challenging times are certainly ahead for those wishing to survive.

Most of us won’t take action without proof. The big telescopes have the proof but are being coerced by big brother to withhold it. Leaks tell a few of us what’s going on but the mass public is never gonna know for sure until it is too late to prepare.

Go to here for the first amateur scope siting and images of X

Go to here  for Steve’s latest pics taken Nov 15th; claiming X is brighter and larger and right on the zeta coordiates. With Nancy’s little boo-boo of leaving NASA code trailers on the pics she last posted, it is now felt these are NASA/CIA disinformation tactics to throw you off on it’s real location. 

Go to  here   for the continuous images of X following the zeta coordinates

Note:  This graphic, found at  has been designed so that it is rotated 90 degrees to the right in order to better utilize available web-page space, therefore PX’s oscillations appear to be vertically oriented as opposed to horizontal, which is actually the case.

Go to  for a current summary of the evidence supporting a PX flyby.  

Go to  here    for two images of Planet X taken in January 2002.

Go to  here   for three images taken by a “non-existent” Russian spacecraft sent towards Planet X in the early 90’s to get pics and determine it’s impact on earth. These are amazing if they are in fact real. 
If you are  an amateur astronomer, here’s why  you may not be able to see it until it is too late. From a trusted source:  
“An astrophysicist I talked with [I initially asked him about viewing brown
dwarfs – not Planet X], who at one time worked for the US government and no
longer does because he was unwilling to compromise his principles and sell
his soul to the highest bidder, stated to me several months back that a
brown dwarf, even a fairly large one, could remain invisible to the naked
eye and regular telescopic viewing equipment, and be  as close
as three months from earth before we ever saw it, and by then, he stated;
“It would be too late to do very much about it.”

Redistribution of Earth’s Mass
Scientists Have Detected A Large-Scale Redistribution Of Mass
Within The Earth System, Beginning in 1998! Shift in the poles of Earth’s rotational axis can only be caused by a significant shift of mass somewhere within our planet. Now, two scientists studying data on Earth’s gravity field have found evidence of just such a mass shift that began in 1998. It means there may very well be a large massed external influence now affecting earth.  To view their detailed reasoning and their conclusions go to : 

Here’s a site to go to that keeps tabs on current volcanism, abnormal solar flares, records earthquakes and other events that point to the fact all is not normal – something’s happening. 
Includes a description and the resource for each event discussed. 

Here’s another great summary site that covers the most current earth changes: 

Here’s five  areas of increasing activity being measured  NOW to support  proof of this forthcoming  event: sea water temperature, volcanism, earthquakes, sun spot activity, and unusual weather anomalies.

See a webcam picture and short history of all of the major volcanos throughout the world  at  
Other volcano information can be found at : 

Increased EarthQuake Activity not to be ignored
See a 30 day map of the most current earthquake activity wordwide  here

Increasing sea temp spawns new El NinoGo to  
for a current sea water temp chart of all the oceans throughout the world.

Increasing record setting sun spot activity

Antarctica breaking up

Other abnormal weather occurrences.

Go to this site to see a list of recent events  that indicate all is not well with our planet: 

Get the inside info take of Dr. Boylan  here

Letters/resource Info
Letters/info from my resources that help put the puzzle together
Come back to this page often as new items are being added all the time; not necessarily at the top.

Mr. X Files
The Mr. X Files – a search for the truth and the proof.

Bible Prophesy?
How does the coming of Niburu fit in with bible prophesy?

Non Biblical prophesy – 30 other sources here

Disaster Preparedness
Many people keep asking me what “I” am doing to prepare so I have set up a page showing the progress on our shelter  here  

A very extensive site listing everything from soup to nuts regarding disaster preparedness 

How to purify water can be found here 

The 100 items of barter list – those things first to disappear in hard times

Be sure and join   which has all kinds of survival information and tips in their files.

Survival Tactics  –  a lot of information here

Preparedness Tips

A complete “Survival Book” is available to download for free at 

Great site with lots of information including burying school buses for shelter

Great site that uses shipping containers; fully or partially buried as the shelter:  

Using cordwood and masonry for construction 

Resource for a stainless steel water distiller setup that can be used with several different heat sources including just a campfire 
Specifically  for the model 1600 which uses any fuel source (you have to heat the pot somehow using a woodstove, LP source, electric heat, etc. )

Go to here for my page on water purification taken from : 

For food storage info check out this link: 

For first aid supply list and first aid information go to : 
Homepage for their website is 

For flashlights you shake for 30 seconds and then get 5 minutes of light from that never need batteries go to 

Here’s a good website  on food storage.  It has a several good articles about how to store food, what ammounts and what things to store, an a good article on the most common mistakes in food storage.  It also has a catalog where you can order food in bulk (but  Costco works fine too).   It’s mormon based, and they’re some people with some good expereince in food storage!

How to build your own any size concrete dome -- Sun Life Construction
How to build your own any size concrete dome without going thru the expense of using the balloon form to do it.  This is hard information to come by and is one of the very few sources that i have been able to find on this type of building project.  In this method it is cheap, anyone male or female can do it, and do it in their own time frame. The actual proper concretemixes are given and how to
techniques as well. The structure initially is made to be built to as an earth sheltered home [either partially or completely underground] however the author Mr. Impson has told me that it can very easily be built above ground as well without any problems. 
Dome homes are considered the strongest home design available. For the best domes see:     They can give you a price on a very modest 20 ft shelter home, although I would get the 24 ft model for myself if I was going for something of that size, which I may. You can order any shaped dome you wish. They sew a cloth form and it is then blown up and finished from the inside with insulation, rebar, and cement. Mark H.

MANY underground and earth bermed homes and designs shown here  

Check out these Pre-Made survival Shelters:

Monolithic Domes, Dome Construction, Off grid
systems, wind & solar power, survival equipment & supplies.  
Great prices on quality kitchen machines designed to save time and labor and reduce food costs, and we place great emphasis on responsive, personal service. From Bosch mixers to grain flour mills to Kuhn Rikon, stainless steel pressure cookers, we offer a variety of serious kitchen tools at great prices. 

Here are   more great websites for  survival products  and information   for seeds  
good source for #10 tin foods and pails and freeze dried foods.  for more seeds They’ve got loads of information and
lots of different types of sprouts and sprouters.

Also, Mumms has sprouts, but not so much info.

Gas Masks, food, protective clothing, lots of stuff here 

How to build a bicycle powered alternator

Clothes Washer… Washing Your Clothes With A Little More Tradition … for those who are interested in manual washing machines.

For us traditional or old-fashioned folks who are interested in non-electric clothes washer appliances you might find some befitting solutions here…

Wonder Wash is a small clothes washer that will wash delicate clothes or clothes in small portions. You turn the handle to wash your clothes.

Plunger Washer is a clothes washer that can be used to wash your clothes in combination with your bath tub, large bucket, etc.

James Washer is clothes washer for serious laundry duties and not just if you have a small portion of clothes or delicate clothes. It’s suitable for those who want a major washing machine but a manuel one. 

Government websites on disaster preparedness and a check list Lots of informtion here 

Build your own Faraday Box to protect your electronics equipment from electromagnetic pulses – EMP’s., hiking and backpacking gear – lots of stuff: 

Find ready made devices here  : A good source of survival information with a book that you’ll probably want to get

 The Alpine Survival Group Survival foods and products necessary for your future. Now receive a discount if you simply mention TMG – CLICK HERE for details.

No Doomsday Is a document that I believe provides the best source on the net for survival in a number of different kinds of disasters. As the title says, “NO Doomsday” is necessary if you’re prepared! Philip Hoag’s page is not currently coming up, but his great book is still available at  

The Survival Bible Provides many tactics that could come in handy, in the event…   

Frugal Squirrel’s Homepage for Survivalists Not just for the politically incorrect! 
Frugal Squirrel 

The best way to make fire. Inexpensive, good for hundreds of fire starts,
works even when wet !!!  Magnesium fire starter tool with built in
flint on the side: (scroll about 3/4 the way down this page) 

How to make a bicycle powered battery charger –  here
When talking about emergency lighting, few people can overlook the efficiency and durability of LED lights. They make your batteries last at least three times longer than regular bulbs for the same amount of light, and unlike regular bulbs they are very tough and durable. But which one to choose, where to get, how much to pay, which is the best???  Well there is this guy who has made it his
hobby to independently purchase, evaluate and test, EVERY LED light on the market. AND he has an excellent website where he has compiled all of that information. If your considering a purchase, at least check the item against his database and see how it did against the others. Quite interesting, see this link:

And speaking of no sunlight [for up to six months after the shift], you can buy the original russian pumper, a flashlight that produces its own power from a built in dynamo generator.  just  squeeze the finger grip repeatedly for light.  cost is 9.95 each and if you buy two pumpers you get 6 free lightbulbs that go with them.  item number is 5-1248 for one pumper.  go to website  phone is 8004418855……these pumpers work great… but buy several as the squeeze mechanisms do fail after time. More hand crank gadgets brought to us from Cheryl OBrien
I have finally found a source for hand-crank tape players.  It is an outfit in South Africa at handcrank (non-electric) products I have found include:

Dough Mixer at

Pasta Maker at

Food Mill at (excellent for grinding up food for small children and elderly folks, as well as the other kitchen applications).

Wheat Grass Juicer at

How to make an 8′ culvert pipe into an underground shelter 

Intermodal Shipping Containers – the near perfect steel box used to ship goods all over the world. They are single layer steel walls welded to a square-tube steel frame. The floor is a tongue-in-groove hardwood construction. If placed on a proper foundation these should resist large quake forces and high storm activity, especially if a four foot earth berm is built around the structure to deflect wind up and over it. These go for about $3000 reconditioned and $5000 new for a 40ft high cube(9’6″ high) x 8′ wide. The link below specializes in modifications such as doors etc., and will deliver anywhere in the US for free as long as the request is reasonable. Very friendly, cool pics on site. Use your imagination: 

Papercrete – cement has excellent compression strength but bad tensile strength(tearing force). That’s why it always has to be reinforced with steel rebar. Papercrete uses portland cement and newspaers(or magazines) to add paper fibers to the mix.The fibers are bound and won’t burn. Papercrete is extremely lightweight and has a high insulating value because a large component is trapped air bubbles. Adding sand increases thermal density. Though the link below mentions forming into blocks or panels, papercrete can also be applied directly as a slurry over chickenwire. Inexpensive albeit a bit messy. Great link with general info and contacts to continue your search if interested: 

Storm and Tornado Shelters 

Here’s a whole disaster preparedness book you can read online: 

Safe Places to live – many maps found here
Topics covered include evacuation, shelter, natural hazards ( such as
floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, thunder and winter storms, heat waves,
earthquakes, volcanoes, land slides, and fires), and also concerns
itself with Hazardous Materials Incidents, Nuclear Power Plants, and
National Security Emergencies.  Two articles of note deal with
“Emergency Planning / Disaster Supplies” and “Recovering from
Disaster”, both of which detail which items one should have in a
survival kit for an extended use of at least 3 days.
Here’s another  favorite link concerning shelters and disaster
survival.  You can buy ready made shelters here. Although this site is focused primarily on surviving nuclear, biological and chemical disasters, the information is still pertinent and useful for surviving any kind of natural disaster as well!  Enjoy! Steve in PA. 

Welcome! to the practical preparedness side of Noah’s Ark! If you are just
beginning preparations, undoubtedly your head is spinning with the amount
of work ahead! Let us help you organize. 

All of us should have at least one medical kit at home or with us when we go
bush. Check out the options at

A very extensive set of topics here. The site is about survival… 
using “junk” to accomplish what those of us without big dollars can’t
afford to do. 

Making the Best of Basics:
Family Preparedness Handbook
by James Stevens

Survival communities:
If you want the security of being able to live from your own personal resources for up to a year, regardless of external conditions, this book will show you how.  It has 100 pages of charts, tables and recipes, plus a new 80 page `yellow pages’ section listing suppliers of preparedness supplies.  Over 350,00 copies sold. 

Home Power: The Hands on Journal of Home Made Power 

Outdoor and survival gear and resources 

View our collection of products primarily to serve the purpose of self-preservation. Consider these products as tools to put you in a state of full readiness.

Government Bulletin on Fallout Shelters 

For those interested in an indepth study and look at tsunami’s and flood’s. Want to know what would happen if an asteroid struck the ocean? This is the place for the answer. 

Unbreakable Bulbless Flashlight
A truly unique application for magnetic levitation technology, this flashlight employs a recoil system to produce light, eliminating a need for batteries or light bulbs. Practically indestructible and promising over 100,000 hours of use, it is ideal for camping trips, roadside emergency auto repair or home fuse replacement. A luminescent on/off switch glows for hours so the light is easy to locate and operate. Produces 10 lumens of light at peak brightness. Has magnetic on/off switch. Batteryless flashlight is lightweight, waterproof and shockproof. Durable polycarbonate housing. 12” L x 4” D x 6” diam. (14oz)
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Handi-stitch ; a handheld mini sewing machine that runs on AA batteries:  (exit the link without buying first and a pop up menu surfaces giving it to you at $14.95 instead of $19.95)

Announcing “The ABC’s of NBC Warfare Survival, A Public Guide to Surviving Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Terrorist Threats” at

Also go to these links:
Troubled Times Survivalist Hub
Wisconsin Survival Course
Survivalist Information Library
Joseph’s Storehouse
Military Surplus Center
Survival Instinct: It dwell’s within you

Book – When Technology Fails , Matthew Stein : A great starting place / also contains an excellent bibliography.

Also go to a search engine such as , googlesearch, or   and type in the word “disaster” – many resources will appear. 

Discussion Groups
You should sign up for all of these to receive the most information and the most recent updates on information related to planet X.  If you don’t want to receive all the emails from these each time someone makes a post then be sure to check  the “read only” archive selection but that means you will then have to access each group daily to read the posts which is very time consuming; and you probably won’t do it.   I find it easier to receive all the emails and rapidly delete what I don’t feel is pertinent.

The Shift2003 Chat Group is for those who believe or seriously consider that there will be a pole shift in 2003 as indicated by ZetaTalk, and wish to interact with like-minded people. It is not appropriate for those who wish to debate the existence of PlanetX or the validity of ZetaTalk.  If you are not yet a member of the Shift2003 Chat Group, please contact  by email

Info from  ZetaTalkThe zetatalk site has recently changed their URL from to so any URL that doesn’t come up  you need to retype  in “zetabc” in place of “zetatalk” and it should work. 

Much information about Planet X can be gleaned at the site – each blue highlighted word(s) takes you to a new page of information. It’s a huge site; spend a lot of time here until you have read it all if you want a clear picture of what is going to transpire. BUT; read on.

Nancy and the Zetas recently blew their cover by posting pics on their site with NASA identification trailers still attached.  This means the zetatalk site is likely a NASA/CIA disinformation site designed to mix a lot of good information with bogus coordinates on where to look for X. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read the information on the site as it paints a pretty good picture of what is to transpire; but go to my letters page at  for the most accurate information on when and where this planet is coming in from. 

Just who are the Zetas??  Go here   for my take on the issue. 
And before you discount whether or not “aliens” exist, please visit my page at   and find the Dr Wolf letter (ufo4.htm), a man who worked in Area 51 since the late 40’s and reveals a lot of information about our government’s coverup regarding extraterrestrial life.  He mentions Zeta Reticulans several times in his summary.  Other people speculate that there are no such things as aliens from outer space and that the “greys” (zetas) do in fact exist but are hybrids from the original fallen angels of Satan – along with the Draconians and Reptilians (see for some info on that subject) , that live either on or in our own earth. I’m not sure what to believe at this point in time; my Christian background says not to believe in extraterrestrials but the overwhelming evidence today says they exist. 

There is also speculation by some that  the ZETATALK website is a NASA production  (yes, they know about aliens too) and is geared to getting the information out on Planet X while at the same time remaining anonymous in so doing so if things don’t come to pass as predicted they can just blame Nancy and wash their hands of any involvement and tell us all how stupid we were to believe in any of this. Some feel  Nancy was fed some good info about Planet X in an agreement with the powers-that-be.  The Powers To Be  knew they couldn’t keep a total cap on this info so they created Nancy, either with or without zetas, and did this possibly without her knowledge.  The reason for this Nancy creation was that anytime the subject leaked out, about Planet X in 2003, that they’d have someone that they could easily  attribute it to, that they could discount, make fun of, and ignore for disinformation purposes.  An older lady that talks with aliens is all they need mention to discount her.  This plan did have some possible dangers. Namely, they knew she was to be fed some good info about Planet X in 2003, and some people would be inclined to look outside (of the easily ridiculed box they created with her,) for greater verification. Those that have done that have found evidence to support that X is real and headed this way. However, her latest fax paux, in the posting of Steve Havas’ most recent sitings with NASA coded trailers still attached strongly suggest this site is exactly what is claimed above. There IS misinformation, in my opinion,  on this site in  areas. The ZetaTalk take  on Christian related issues at  in my opinion contains MUCH erroneous shallow information; for example see  for my take on the ark of the covenant and the shroud of Turin as examples compared to what they try to tell us on this site. For me, it creates a  credibility problem with the rest of the information on this site.  They support the creation theory that we were hybridized by the Annunaki who live on Planet X which is what Sitchin and the Sumerians claim. I personally can’t buy into that. My bible says that ain’t how it happened.  I feel I was created by Yahweh; not some Annunaki playing with test tubes. And James McCanny ,, claims Planet X is not where the zeta coordinates say it is , has been visible in the sky since ’96 with an 8″ telescope if you know where to look (he doesn’t know exactly where to look either yet though), and we are being blindsided by it coming in from another direction – but he says it IS coming; and now. .  So keep an open mind and be your own judge about the info you glean from here.  Many people  tend to support the information presented by the Zetas.

ZetaTalk site ( ) – most current – best throughput 
has three mirror sites also:  – via DSL – hosted in Slovenia, and

See  for an important 3/15 news update  from the Zetas as well as the link to get all the news updates from them.

Get a report on what to expect for your location/country here:   
The whole works in one PDF file can be found at

To see where the new equator line is and where the new north and south poles end up at go to : 

You should join the organization “Troubled Times” to be kept abreast of new knowledge: 

See countdown to Niburu’s arrival at   Scroll down to the bottom left hand corner to check out the countdown clock.  Click on “the hub”, and then “scientific data”. 

A VERY educational forum/debate series of questions/discussions can be found at  Brings out facts like if Antarctica (91% of the world’s ice) melted it would raise sea level by 200′. Others feel the figure is 675′. Here’s where to find the real Planet X coordinates.

Speed of X changes as it enters our solar system
The Zetas have stated that the planet increases speed exponentially, on approach. Thus, humans attempting to put numbers to our words, and ascertain distance, have created Charts. These are not our distance charts, but human charts. In fact, there are some key errors in these charts, as where the planet increases speed exponentially, it also has points where it slows. Thus, taking off from the mid-point, the dither point, is faster than the human chart anticipates. The approach, to the edge of the solar system, is thus faster than expected. But the Repulsion Force clicks in at the edge of the Solar System. Why would it not? What do you suppose is keeping those outer planets from floating into the Sun? Thus, the brakes come on about 7 weeks ahead of the shift, when it enters the outer solar system edges. It is going slower, when passing through the orbit of Saturn, edge to edge, than it was upon approach! Thus, a rapid increase in size and visibility as in brightness will occur during the Fall of 2002 and into the Winter months following.

Much information can be gleaned from the archived IRC chat sessions at  You have to sift through all the impertinent comments but diamonds that help put the puzzle together can be found here. I have extracted many of the worthwhile morsels of those sessions and posted them here  so you don’t have to waste your time with all the extraneous BS that goes along with these sessions. 

Also see
for independent info on X and aliens.

Is the Timing right for Niburu?

Mark Hazelwood states in his book; 
“The records of this approximately 7 years of turmoil before each regular passing are part of biblical record from at least the last three times it sailed by Earth. The Jewish exodus and Noah’s great flood would be the last and third to last passing of X. With ancient historical, archeological science, weather, seismic data, and a small observatory, you don’t need prophecy to predict the same cycle of events are happening again now during X’s current approach.”  

Asking my wife, Irina, the biblical expert in our family,  to come up with some dates to verify this biblically to see if it fit the 3600 year orbital cycle; this is what she said. “If we consider we are now at about 6000 years from when Adam and Eve were created and Yahshua (Christ to most) came  2000 years ago; we have roughly 4000 years before Yahshua  and 2000 years after

The flood and Noah’s Ark occurred about 1656 years from creation of Adam and Eve.   This was about 4346 years ago (4000 – 1656 + 2002) or around 2348BC. You can get this figure by adding the ages of the people and their descendents mentioned in the bible; it is an accurate number.

Regarding the Exodus from Egypt: According to historical documents King Solomon ruled from 965 to 960 BC and according to the bible in 1st Kings chapter 6 verse 1, the fourth year of his rulership was 480 years after the Exodus from Egypt. Therefore 961BC + 480 puts the Exodus at about 1441BC, years before Yahshua (Christ). If we add 2002 years to 1441BC it brings us to 3443 years; not quite 3600 years – but pretty close.”

Interestingly – there is considerable documentation of a great disaster during the time of the Exodus from Egypt of the Israelites (around 1440 – 1446 BC). The Ipuwer Papyrus  was discovered in Egypt in the 1800’s and recounts in stunning detail a series of catastrophes which struck Egypt;  including rivers turning red (red  dust from the tail of the comet), raining down fire and hail (Niburu’s tail full of debris magnetically pulled from space debris and the asteroid belt that didn’t all get burned up traveling through earth’s atmosphere), fire at night (volcanoes spewing lava), pillars of clouds during day (volcanic ash in the atmosphere); “And there was a thick darkness in all the land…” (This could very well refer to the  days of darkness as the earth stops rotating just before the pole shift.) hmmmmmm; maybe this DID happen before.

See also my page discussing revelation verbage with this event at  

The Coverup and Disinformation

see also 

NASA found Planet X on Dec 30th, 1983; made an announcement the following  week and promptly retracted it .  Govt has suppressed any public information on it as well as info from all the big astronomical observatories since. We get inside info from observatory and upper echelon govt leaks, but the public will never be made aware of this until it happens. Reasons?   Panic, turmoil, financial crash – the powers to be will try to maintain some semblence of order right up until they head for their bunkers.

By August 2001 the disinformation on the newly discovered planet had changed to the LARGEST ASTERIOD EVER and it’s now shown as blue. It’s the same label on a different object.

When the attention was drawn to the area by announcing the “Largest Asteriod” was there, they made sure the color of the new “2001 KX76” was blue. All speculation about a large DULL RED brown dwarf being there was to be avoided. This is one of their tactics for hiding Planet X. First giving it a label, then using that same label for another object to misdirect attention. X is not a red KBO. The original color was not red for photographic reasons. Too many stories for the color change is just the first of many obvious clues of a cover up. They will continue to identify objects ahead and around X to misdirect attention. The normal helpful & professional Nasa employees are being evasive & condescending when asked about it.

X has INTENTIONALLY BEEN MADE TO SOUND RIDICULOUS and confusing for several reasons. One of which is to avoid causing panic among the world’s population. Many websites and articles continue to be written about Planet X that spread lies. They say it only MAY exist and comes around only once every few million years IF it does. This disinformation is widespread. X orbits between our sun and its dark twin. A diagram from the 1987  NEW SCIENCE & INVENTION ENCYCLOPEDIA shows our dead twin sun & the 10th planet.

X’s MASS, MAGNETISM & DENSITY is such that it DISRUPTS the surface of EVERY PLANET IT PASSES. In fact, history shows approximately 7 YEARS PRIOR to its passage its far reaching eletromagnetic/gravitational influence changes Earths core flows TRIGGERING WEATHER, VOLCANIC & SEISMIC ACTIVITY. Since early 1996 traditional WEATHER has CHANGED DRAMATICALLY, breaking all time records regularly. The up-tick of QUAKES, VOLCANIC INCIDENTS & changes in ELECTROMAGNETICS are being kept out of the media as much as possible. Weather alone can falsely be blamed on global warming & sun cycles but not earths rumblings at the same time. Research the advent of PLANET X and the cataclysms it will trigger by passing EARTH. Being prepared and FOREWARNED gives one an EXCELLENT CHANCE to SURVIVE. “BLINDSIDED, PLANET X Passes in 2003, EARTHCHANGES!”

Even the majority of the earthchange intuitives prophecies are tied into or name Planet X. ALL OTHER NEWS PALES IN COMPARISON TO THIS IMPENDING MEGA WORLD WIDE EVENT OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS.

Who Will Determine Your Need
To Know About Planet X (Nibiru)?
The following is long but DOES cover the situation. Read it all.

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ZetaTalk: May 27th - Date of the Shift
Note: relayed during the May 16 on the Lou Gentile show, but
addressed during the May 17 IRC as well.
Since we were precise about the dates, even the number of hours for
rotation stoppage (5.9 days) [on the Loud Gentile show], we have no
problem with being precise on the meaning of the Pole Shift date as
May 27. Let us use the rotation stoppage point as a key point, as
this also has a known location - the Atlantic Rift. This lasts for
5.9 days, the shift to happen at the end of that 5.9 days. If the
shift occurs on May 27, and rotation stoppage is for a 5.9 days
length of time, then count back 5.9 days to find the day when
rotation stops. Since rotation stoppage happens when the Atlantic
Rift is fixed facing the approaching Planet X, we know that the end
point of the time line should be May 27th for the Atlantic Rift as it
is when rotation stops. So on May 21st, 5.9 days before the shift,
the Atlantic Rift is positioned facing the approaching Planet X,
which is coming up toward the Earth from beneath the Sun and a tad to
the right as seen from Earth.

This is a key point as there is a day of slowing, the slowdown to
stoppage happening within a day as we have stated, so assume for the
sake of simplicity that it took exactly 24 hours to slowdown to a
halt. Given that rotation stoppage took less than a day to happen,
the slowdown started on May 20 or earlier, as one must allow for the
hours of slowed rotation within that day. Thus, the hour of the shift
should be computed from the point where the Atlantic Rift is frozen
in the grip of the approaching Planet X, and rotation has stopped.
The day preceding this stoppage, when rotation is slowing, will be
longer than a 24 hour day for a full turn of the globe, as this day
must absorb the hours it takes for the globe to slow to a halt. Thus,
when we describe May 20 as a day, this is a slow day, taking longer
than 24 hours, and should be computed as such.

When the highly magnetized hardened magma in the Atlantic Rift faces
the approaching big magnet, Planet X, it lingers there, creating the
late sundown on May 20 we stated will be observed. The lingering will
cause a later sunset for Europe, Africa, and an even later sunset for
the Americas on May 20. The slowdown at this point is such that the
Atlantic Rift has lingered facing Planet X, and resists moving on to
the extent that the Earth is already in a slower rotation when it
does manage to pull the Atlantic Rift away on May 20 and move it to
the dark side of the Earth. Thus slowed, it provides for those parts
of the globe that missed a late sunset with a late sunrise! Asia,
Australia and Japan will notice a much delayed sunrise on the morning
of May 21. The delay in sunset, sunrise, in the day before rotation
stoppage is given as a guide approximately 2.43 hours late. This can
be given as 2-3 hours late in general, as sunset is not crisp for
most, the sun above the horizon, the horizon not a clean line if
trees and hills are present, but the number of hours is significant
enough that there should be no doubt.

Thus slowed in rotation during the May 20 turn of the globe, the
Earth comes into the day represented by May 21 with a rotation that
lacks momentum, and thus this time when it lingers, it cannot escape
the linger. It is at this point that countdown clocks should be set
for the 5.9 days until the shift.

ZetaTalk: Wild Week of Stoppage
Note: relayed during the May 16 on the Lou Gentile show, but
addressed during the May 17 IRC as well.

What will happen during the week of rotation stoppage was addressed
on the Gentile hour, but we will repeat it here, etc. Since the wild
weather that has been increasing since 1995 is caused by a
combination of undersea volcanoes in Indonesia, warming the Pacific
such that warmer waters move against the coastlines of the Americas,
and the melting poles and glaciers plunge cold water under this,
creating swirling in the oceans beyond normal, we can expect this to
increase during rotation stoppage. Add to this that the atmosphere is
not getting it's regular cooling or warming during rotation, is not
even, and thus air masses will tend to rush more to equalize
themselves. This will spawn more episodes such as the week of 400+
tornadoes in the US. The air masses that caused these tornadoes were
following the wild swings they assumed over the Pacific, and this
pattern will only become more pronounced during rotation stoppage.
Likewise, the oceans will be swirling, whirlpools developing that
will take down large ships at sea, and even placid waters along
coastlines presenting more danger than usual.

ZetaTalk: Cover-Up Rationale
Note: relayed during the May 16 on the Lou Gentile show, but
addressed during the May 17 IRC as well.

Lou Gentile asked the difference in the public knowing about the
coming cataclysms or being kept in the dark. The elite, those in
power who know about this, in the US, Russia, Japan, Australia, and
Britain, wish to keep the common man in doubt as long as possible.
Thus the common man will go to his job, pay bills, respect police,
fear the court system, and stay predictable. Should an announcement
by the government that a pole shift of the magnitude we have
described likely occur be made, quite a different scenario would

Most workers would fail to go to their jobs, and thus security of
businesses would be vulnerable, distribution of goods unpredictable
as it would in essence stop.
Looting would start, with wealthy enclaves looted by such an overrun
of mobs that security could not contain them. This would leave the
wealthy to face mobs continually coming at them, long after the goods
have run out, and left to face the rage of the mobs who find there is
nothing left to loot.
The police, security services, would not be respected as enforceable,
and would likely simply join the looting.
The military, seeing they are being assigned to form cordons around
places such as the White House, with no discussion whatsoever about
how their families are to be cared for during the shift, would slip
away, going AWOL, leaving spots in the defenses unguarded.
This is what the wealthy fear, the powerful in government fear, and
thus the absolutely silence up until the end, no warning to the
public. The flip side of this coin is that the larger population, who
would not loot, would be informed, would have a change to prepare,
move to safety, and not be hysterical in front of their small
children when the time comes. Thus, overall, it is more loving, more
considerate, to inform, but those in charge of the cover-up care not
for this.

The White LieZetaTalk: White Lie, May 23, 2003
As can be seen from the actions of the US and Indonesian governments
scant days ahead of and continuing after our announced date of May
15, 2003, they fully intend to harm hundred of millions of their
citizens through martial law, declared such in Indonesia and called
terrorism level Red by Homeland Security. What is martial law, if not
ordering citizens to remain in their homes? What effect does this
have on citizens about within cities where buildings will tumble and
crush them, or along coast or in lowlands sure to be inundated by
tidal waves? Death, injury with no rescue, and massive dieoff. Is
this the intent of those in command in those governments, sworn to
protect their citizens and collecting taxes to this end? There can be
no doubt, and one has only to read the actions of these governments
to ascertain this.

Why did we allow Nancy, who has labored though the mine field and put
herself at risk with ZetaTalk, to be so humiliated as to announce to
a broad audience live radio show very specific dates, which were
promptly missed? At a time when Planet X is so close as to be
competing with the Sun at noon, visible by the unaided eye, and well
tracked to this point by many sunrise and sunset sightings and
photos, in the manner and in the time frame we predicted, and at a
time when earthquakes have increased to the point, as we predicted,
to being noticeable, affecting population centers so they cannot be
denied by underreporting in the quake databases, the bad dates stand
as an exception. And what is the effect of this gambit, an
acknowledged white lie on our part, on those in the US and Indonesian
governments who would murder their citizens by the hundreds of

They cannot closely coordinate blocking a city for a specific date
and time, thus having to either order a perpetual state of readiness
or be prepared to muster a quick blockade, neither workable.
They must either share the true agenda with numerous local agencies,
in order to have cooperation for a quick muster, or anticipate
failure when calling a sudden and unplanned blockage.
Local agencies would be sympathetic to the local populace and
rebellion would likely ensue.
A perpetual state of readiness requires agencies to be focused only
on exercises, and not distracted from their regular work, and any
natural disaster ensuing would shatter this state.
Natural disasters such as imploding buildings in the stretch zone, or
strong quakes or volcanoes in compression zones, would divert
resources from the ready status waiting to blockade cities.
The governments increasingly have to explain the perpetual state of
readiness, constant exercises, in the face of a lack of actual
terrorism, thus losing credibility among those required to carry out
a blockade.
Incidences of natural disasters, and increasing visibility of Planet
X, change the focus from tearooms to natural disaster and thus an
order to remain in their homes would seem inappropriate to citizens,
who would rebel.
And what is the effect on the common man, being denied even at this
late date any honest information on what is about to devastate their

For those waiting for an undeniable sight that the earth changes we
have predicted, rotation stoppage followed by red dusting will be
that undeniable sign, and any announced date ignored until such signs
are evident.
For those wanting to leave for a safe location ahead of rotation
stoppage, but having ties to their ordinary life and obligations,
rapid earth changes such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, as
well as a perceptible slowing of rotation, will be their clue,
regardless of published dates which are not palpable.
For those who have made very early changes in their lives, moving to
safe locations and settling in there, an exact date is not crucial.
For the vast majority of mankind who has not even heard of a possible
pole shift, announcing dates is irrelevant.
For the large portion of humanity who cannot move to safe locations
or make changes in their lives, as their lives are a struggle for
subsistence on a daily basis, announced dates are irrelevant.
For those who are traveling, for work or pleasure, they have chosen
to be out and about at this time, or to place themselves in such a
position by their employment choice, and thus are not taking the
message seriously, nor would they despite any announced dates.
Thus, an announced date, where it would be convenient, does not
change the outcome of preparation for the common man, where it would
greatly be used by those who would murder their citizens, or take
advantage of others, and thus we decline to give any dates. Watching
the earth changes, and the behavior of those in the corridors of
power, will be the best clues.

South Pole Telescope (SPT) — America’s New Planet X Tracker, 26-April-2006
Jacco van der Worp
Foreword by Marshall Masters

South Pole Telescope (SPT) — America’s New Planet X TrackerAmerica is now spending huge sums to deploy the massive The South Pole Telescope (SPT) in Antarctica. The final installation will be the size of a mini-mall and will require a massive C-130 airlift effort to transport pre-assembled modules and a large staff to the most desolate, inhospitable and inaccessible region of the world. Why? Because Planet X / Nibiru was first sighted in 1983 and this discovery spurred the USA to build the SPT — humanity’s new Planet X tracker.

Amongst independent researchers like us at YOWUSA.COM and the equally committed researchers with whom we share data, the 1983 IRAS observation of Planet X / Nibiru has always been a hot topic.  On a private level, we often discuss how the NASA’s IRAS spacecraft first captured infrared images of it back in 1983 with the same lament. Given the lack of corroboration, how can you publish a story that can easily be shot down as a rumor?  That was then.

Now we have the corroboration we’ve lacked for years, The South Pole Telescope (SPT).  Far more powerful capable and survivable than the 1983 IRAS spacecraft and Hubble Space Telescope put together, this manned observatory will soon begin tracking Planet X / Nibiru from the pristine skies of Antarctica.

Why is America spending a massive fortune to transport this massive facility with massive C-130 airlift to the most desolate, inhospitable and inaccessible region of the world to track this massive inbound? Because this is where astronomers will find their ultimate Kodak moment and this is good news.  Their resulting multi-spectrum observations will translate into life-saving data.



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