Life calls- abstracted God “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

Living in this reality has made me a better person i would say.  But i still don’t understand why im here.  i sit here and type out my thoughts for the world to hear and i just wonder why everything is the way it is.  I know God has a plan for me. i know that im destined for something but i just dont know.  I do know this that Im supposed too rally the people in masses and or deliver a great speech to the world. 

But my questions for that is, what im i going to say? how do i approach this task of rallying people together? What will the speech be about?  What will be the reason of going forward on this idea?

“HAPPY NEW YEAR” Its almost the end of this year and my life has been accelerating in experience and sponging everything in site. i feel like my brain is being stuff with all these emotions, thoughts, ideas ectt.. and i don’t know what do do with them. 

I almost gave up on GOD a couple of time a while ago.  Being GAY man living in-the world is a great struggle and also not having a car and having a lot of debt suck too.  Oi just started school. thank GOD.  and i was really hate-full of GOD one day and out of no where a student i think he was and angel. 

Anyways he sat down with me and just listened. We started out talking about evolution and then politic and then about our lives.  I knew something was different about this kid cause towards the end GOD popped up and i knew it was a sign.  I felt like one of those people that were destined to do great things and needed a little slap or pat on the back of recognition that GOD still and wants me in his life.  after school i needed a ride and i ask the first person i saw and i knew this person was cool case GOD popped up in our conversation again.  SO i thought these situation meant something.

When i was a 19 in jail,  i asked GOD if i could have a life threatening diease just so i could feel the pain of others.  i always felt like, to feel great pain is to suffer with GOD and to know true happiness is to feel all of deaths life offerings and experience.  I dont want to die but im ready.  But i know i have a lot of work to do.  I really thought i wanted to go out like a saint.

Anyways its the NewYear pretty soon and im glad im alive. Im glad i do what i do, i still got some cleaning though. my life wants to be simple yet chaotic in nature. how do you balance that. You just do!  Tank you GOD. 

Some many connection and so many life experience that roll in coincidence after coincidences and i just sit and watch the world unfold and my eyes inspire me to look up in awe.  Its weird to be doing this on the computer its like these are my thoughts traffic jamming the inner soul and fueling the emotional toll bridges to operate a demanding life style of free willing people and thought alll in one.  

i dont know what the new year bring but i have a new friend to get me there.  Peace out world, hello GOD

The Internet might be the way to rally a global thought and deliver the goods needed to take on the obstacles that we will experience in the coming futures.  I love you,  I love ALL.  my hate, my pain, my love, my shame, I am a Human being Made in the likeness of my creator,  We love we lie we cry we die. only truth could ever fly. Faith dont work if truth is not there, so stop lying to your self i give up and look up.  no more bowing down to a god that says your a sinner, look up to a GOD that loves you.  non believers you dont have to believe in what i say but just believe in your self and the people around you there the ones who need the help.  God takes care of all who takes of his will.  And his will is you, people, world.  we all want to be saved but, we all have a roll to play. Time to play the part.  remember the devil supposed to be who he is and nothing eles so you need to be the MAN WOMEN CHILD your supposed to be.  Time to give up on silly ideas that faith and works and deeds and being positive and happy to being mad and glad.  BE YOUR SELF.  Be as he is and just follow thy will into thy heart and youll see.  were one part man one part GOD and one part you all together we create WILL, FREE WILL,  GOD did tell me this i  just feel it. i could be wrong but it make sense because all words really mean the same its the emotional intention behind the thought.  Its what you produce from the fruit that bear the truth of the thought.  So create, create, Destroy, destroy,  its all apart of life.  You write the script. just remember you’ll have to answer to someone or something in the end.  GOD, and or dirt.  but One in the same if you think about it. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR  thanks for giving me the time and space to reproduce my thoughts into a feeling. LOVE GOD LOVE ME, HATE ME KILL  ME. BUT LOVE GOD!!!

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