crazy world

`My paranoid mind leads to paranoid thoughts.  i live in a crazy world. i live in a great place with lost hearts and kings with damaged support.  no blood shed we speak, but more blood shed we seek.  No blood, no more, we cry, but for more, we die and die, i ask why. we come along way, we paved our roads with gold.  we came along way but but maybe the gold we stole for the goal of the whole.  a necessary evil, i think not.  a necessary right, i think not.  i think not that i no not of. but i know now that i did not know then that it was true.  still is till the end. A lost heart spins in turmoil gratified by hate birthed on paranoia and silenced in regards to the whole and not the truth.  my walls steadily get smaller as i scream out in protest and against what i know as truth gone Stael.  what i  know a tear comes a storm.  Out of fear and hatred for unknown truths, lies breath life in to the night shunning out our sun for our stars own the night.  Does that make sense Crazy world, as i speak riddles in face and tell truth that are laced with a death note taped and made noticed to treat a world with aspirin and water, see me in the mourning and DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!  worry as i do, worry as i see, more death in my world as the crying starts to bleed and my heart remarks the sea.  Flooded like Noah i head for the hills but trapped like JOB the devil starts his kill. now Lot has left and god has died.  My cross emptied my thorns gone.  Mercy has left and what went wrong.  Crazy World wake up, Wake up and see,  Crazy world wake up to the craziness that be.  YOU all are being lied to by your own mistakes giving up on a god for a king who eats STEAKS.  Blood for blood right,  world-leaders play tag and have lunch on the lawn preparing for the next move of the epic long WRONG. A play of people, a play to the world,  we are the stage and they are the world.  read you script before you act.  Crazy world PART 3 will be are best.  Watch the dignitaries and leaders alike feed off our tears money and delight.  AS they sit and judge everything in site.  us as players and actors gone soft we put on a show but we don’t know what not we do as they do what they say and controls our each and-every day.  we continue to listen and obey.  Crazy  world listen to me wake up from your drive in movie.  the film is endless and the script is long you’ll only die if you keep on and rely on those who watch and laugh kill and Mame in you own GODS name.  Crazy world has lost God you worship a false way and idea of , Crazy world please listen.  

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