wanna be sombody, wanna be right, 

wanna be running, wanna do something tonight, 

cant explain it right but my minds not right, 

wanna do somthing,  do someone tonight,

wanna be mad my minds made up,  my minds gone bad,

wanna be that person that just did that,

but i just cant fight,  wanna be somebody, wanna do it right, 

but i just keep running, running thru out the night,

wanna jump off the bridge if you told me, 

wanna cross the street if you hold me, 

wanna be there when it happend, wanna hear the end of the story,

wanna do that inside of me, wanna be there when i scream,  

wanna see whats left of me,

 wanna stand there and stare while i scream out verbally,

wanna be sombody, wanna be right,  wanna do sombody, wanna do it tonight,

wanna keep running,  i just wont stop, wanna get to you,  with one last shock,

wanna be somebody, wanna keep on trying, 

tried to be everyone eles, but you just keep lying, 

wanna be me, wanna see and feel what i see, 

i am the wanna be if you wanna,

your are free, 

im here six feet deep,

 you wanna be, take the big leap into the deep sleep,

wanna be someone one that runs from the sun,  

when the days catch up your mind gets numb, 

wanna be that person that does what hes told, never standing up always feeling old, 

wanna be that person that tries to hard, every night he cries in his car,

wanna be that person that loves his life, two kids and a wife, but tries to hard to make things happen and then takes his life,

wanna be me, wanna be you, wanna hear the end,

wanna see it to, look in the mirror and say,

 i want it to, look in your soul and say im a wanna be to,

i am that i am is you, i am to say that we all live thu,

i am the wanna be to, i am the person you might want to be,

i am that person you will never see,

i know i am the WANNABE,

i wanna be everything inside space time you and me so sit back and watch me

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