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My mine wonders and i pick up the phone. i don’t know what to think. i don’t know what to fill about whats happening on the other side. what is he doing, what did i do.  my trapped thoughts forever lost and a paranoid spin.  i cant take this anymore.  I pick up the phone again and i try to get threw.  No one is picking up.  His phone was turned off.  My mind wonders into the unknown and I’m scared and afraid that the likely is the actual and the lies become the truths.  what do i do please help me. 

My soul had been tucked away and my fingers start to Dial again.  “please leave massage”.  What the hell he isn’t your phone picking up.  The t.v behind me has nothing but death and hate and no good news. A great mind died yesterday by assassination and i wonder why any one could possibly do that.  Anyone can right.  all mind think alike. as my mind reaches into the dark coroner of my psyce i sit and think and wonder. pick up the phone honey.

I should just stop being a little bitch and trust him.  I am not stupid and i should not let my mind wonder like that.  I am better then that. but there is a case to be made that maybe we all are paranoid and without it or mind cant wonder into unknown zone of the heart or mind. 

I tried again still know answer. My kittens or running a mock on my desk and still no answer.  why do  i try why not wait and wonder and let the mind go crazy. have you felt like that? have you felt so attached to someone that and that they hurt you that you trust them but there still that lingering felling of doubt. 

My mind wonders and i don’t know what to think so i sit here and write to you to get it all out.  AHHHHHHHHHHHA

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