I am happy!

What is happiness?  what is this feeling in a smile that people love so dear?  I like to smile allot but sometimes i feel as thought I’m ugly and that my smile is not good enough.  i have a fake tooth in front that needs to be fixed but i usually forget about it and smile.  Its the smiling part that confuses me.  everyday i look around and i wonder why arnt they smiling the people you see driving home from work or on the way to work.  are they happy, are they tired,  why don’t they smile.

Is being happy feeling all the emotions one can feel.  When your mad are you not in sense being Happy because you are full filling a common need of anger or hate.  you know!  does that make sense.  I don’t know sometimes i just look up and smile and im happy because i know all my problems are in gods hand.  Then it happens like a light switch my mind switches to chaos mode and i feel hate-full or regret-full and then i get over it.  Is that apart of happinessto be upset and hope you get threw it an smile at the end. 

I don’t know what happiness is but i like finding out what it is.  i maybe a crazy person in mind but I’m not stupid i know what make me happy but does it really mean your happy. Its like trying to figure an equation to a problem when there is no real problem. just teacher want you to show your work.  all the thinking and ball busting stress you get just to get to the answer and realize it was there the whole time.  I donno anymore. I am happy though at whatever happens.  Is that contentment though.?

what makes you happy?  what make you mad?  are not the two one in the same?  Just at opposite poles, i guess!

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