What is freedom?  Why does it have to cost something? why do you pay for freedom? If freedom is free why should i PAY!  Look around world. I mean really look at your surroundings.  We look like either DUMBED down or HIGH and MIGHTY. Where do you stand are you and ALIEN or a ROBOT. IF you dont know what im saying then you fall in to the Dumbed down section.  Are you rich are you poor?  What are your GOALS.  DO you have goals. 

Freedom is all of that, but why do i have to pay for it. Am i not entitled to certain unAlienable Rights that have been “writtten”, by GOD or by Man!  who are they who say that i am wrong and i have to pay!  Who are you to judge me on my freedom of thought and pleasure.  What is this freedom that we fight for?  WHy all this blood shed?  Why all these quest for freedom and peace thru BOMBings and destructuvion.  An invading lands that have been occupied by people that were in the same quest of peace and freedom we were in.  How do we clash as titans and still fight for peace. 

Where is the freedom in all this? MY mother dies, my brother dies,  i praise God to kill or judge the dammed and yet i praise peace and prosperity.  I send my friends to defend or invade my neiboore and ask for peace, as you ask for freedom.  Now we fight for the same idea.  Yet we pay for the same guilt of making our peace thiers as if though thiears were ours.

freedom is freedom is free domaion!  why not have a free republic,  why not free everyone from jail.  Free the world of AIDS. free from terrorism.  Not really freedom anymore is it? free all the slaves! free all the poor! free all the rich, free money! 

So free is not really free.  Unconditional love has no strings attched. But freedom Does? im confused at why our world has bowed down to this idea of freedom as not bieng free.  Its your GOD given right or Right as a HUMAN bieng. 

Look at the assination today in Pakistand, she fought for freedom and peace. But i guess we have to PAY the PRICE of DEATH for others to feel the remores of freedom and to understand what FIGHT we have left that freedom has to aquire. 

SO for peace, justice, Freedom, death (continued later)

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